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Manitoba has 15 bilingual municipalities

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This portal, dedicated to is intended to allow members: 

  • Access information resources about Manitoba and the French language services available for the reception, settlement and integration of Francophone newcomers in the province of Manitoba.
  • To project the lights on the multiple contributions of the newcomers.

This platform also makes it possible to promote the actions undertaken and the services offered by the members of the RIF MB but also to better inform on the realities related to Francophone immigration in Manitoba.

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1:30 PM: Conférence de presse du ministère du Patrimoine canadien

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RIF Manitoba is composed of several member organizations.

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(IRCC) and are the main mechanism for consultation and mobilization on Francophone immigration issues for the communities.

That attracts and integrates a growing number of French-speaking immigrants, who participate in its renewal and proudly contribute to its vitality.

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