Welcoming francophone communities initiative

What is a welcoming francophone communitie (WFC)?

A welcoming Francophone communities is an inclusive community where French-speaking newcomers feel that their identity is respected and that they are part of the host community.


All members of the community (including employers, host community, community leaders, and local authorities) have a positive attitude towards French-speaking newcomers. They trust and understand each other.

Characteristics of welcoming community (IRCC)

Welcoming community plan (IRCC) with RIF Manitoba, Manitoba Francophone Immigration Network
Tableau d'une communauté accueillante (IRCC) avec le RIF Manitoba, Réseau en Immigration Francophone du Manitoba

Inspired to: WelcomingCities in Australia; Welcoming Communities in New Zealand; Welcoming America in United States; Intercultural Cities in Europe; Caracteristics a welcoming community of V. Esses and associates; CADI through Les Sentiers du Leadership IRCC.



innovate pilot project

As part of the Action Plan for Official Languages 2018-2023 « Invest in our future » and in response to the needs expressed by the Francophone minority communities (CFSM), incentive measures have been advocated to support the strengthening and development of these communities through Francophone immigration to Canada.


In fact, more than $40 million is destined for Francophone immigration to help attract and retain Francophone immigrants within CFSM.


Therefore, the immigration department, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), in collaboration with community partners, initiated in 2018, Welcoming francophone communitie initiative (WFC).


Within the context of the initiative, 14 communities have been selected across Canada to attract, integrate and retain Francophone immigrants in order to increase their economic growth but also to make the communities the preferred and permanent choice of residence for Francophone newcomers.

Francophone communities in Canada

Discover welcoming Francophone communities in Canada through the interactive map available on Fédération des Communautés Francophones et Acadienne du Canada (FCFA) website, by clicking on the map below: