Welcoming francophone community in ManitobA

The Riviere-Seine region

The Riviere-Seine region in Manitoba, has been officially selected to deploy the projects on Welcoming Francophone Communities and includes the following major communities: municipalities from Taché and La Broquerie, as well as town of Ste. Anne. 


Under the leadership of Manitoba Francophone Immigration Network (RIF MB) in collaboration with institutional and community partners, the pilot project goals to:


• Raise awareness to foster an environment conducive to welcoming Francophone newcomers within municipals of the Riviere-Seine region as well as town de Ste. Anne.


• Create synergies between newcomers and the Francophone community.


• Respond to needs of Francophone newcomers and Welcoming Francophone Communities (WFC).

• Promote the integration, inclusion and retention of Francophone newcomers within their Francophone community.


In this case, this collaborative process allowed the development of a community action plan, proposing a multitude of strategic actions targeted to the implementation of the pilot project along two development axes:


• Ensure equitable access to reception and settlement services.


• Promote inclusive leadership.

Découvrez la région de la Rivière Seine avec le RIF Manitoba, Réseau en Immigration Francophone du Manitoba

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A welcome service and Francophone settlement in the Riviere-Seine region!

Within the contexte of the welcoming Francophones communities, the Riviere-Seine region from south-east of Manitoba, has a reception and settlement service for Francophone newcomers who wish to settle in this region.

Un service d'accueil et d'établissement francophone dans la région Rivière-Seine avec le RIF Manitoba, Réseau en Immigration Francophone du Manitoba

French languages services itineraries

Discover itineraries of French services within Riviere-Seine region:


The Welcoming francophone community in Riviere-Seine launch its new website, that offers services in French to the Rivière-Seine region of southeastern Manitoba.

Sory Sacko est l'agent d'établissement de la CFASeine, Réseau en Immigration Francophone du Manitoba

Sory Sacko