Sectoral group works

Employability and Entrepreneurship sectoral group

The Employability and Entrepreneurship sectoral group is working on pilot projects including :

  • Recognition of prior learning on Internationally educated teachers.
  • French speaking imternationally educated nurses.

The sectoral group has also developed this poster to identify affected individuals in Manitoba.

Health and Social Services Sectoral Group

The sector group became the advisory committee for the settlement sector capacity building project from Santé en français.


The project concerns:

  • Identification of Francophone health and wellness stakeholders.
  • Promote networking between the various stakeholders.
  • Promote the sharing of best practices.

Welcome, Settlement and Integration sectoral group

The members of this sectoral group are working on the initiative to create Francophone welcoming organizations.


The goal is to create volunteer opportunities for Francophone newcomers within the Francophone community, either in organizations and institutions.

Education, Training and Literacy sectoral group

The members of this sector group have developed a Francophone educational pathway.