National Francophone Immigration Week 2023

11th edition: National Francophone Immigration Week

Novembre 5 to 11, 2023.

The theme for this year is 2023 is: ’’Welcoming Land’.

This theme encourages us to value each other’s cultures, and to reflect on what it means to be a welcoming land for everyone. This year’s event will also be an opportunity to learn more about Canada’s First Nations, and to reflect on the environment and the importance of preserving our “Welcoming Land” for future generations, including immigrants.

activities & tools

Every year, some 100 activities take place across the country, including cultural evenings, café debates, cooking workshops, job market training, testimonial circles and school celebrations. Each activity is a genuine means of encouraging exchanges.


Browse the calendar of events in Manitoba for the 11th edition of the Week.

Calendrier des activités au Manitoba pendant la 11e édition de la Semaine nationale de l'immigration francophone avec le RIF Manitoba, Réseau en Immigration Francophone du Manitoba


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