Flavors of diversity

national francophone immigration week,
November 7 to 13, 2021

A first, at the Rivière-Seine region with a show accompanied by a free dinner! This event takes place during the last day of the National Francophone Immigration Week. Please note that places are limited!

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hylife centre at la Broquerie

This is the location of the Hylife Center for the November 13 event at La Broquerie.

MA saveur francophone en 180 secondes

Discover a part of Manitoba’s culture during the 9th edition of National Francophone Immigration Week. Enjoy cultural diversity with Manitoba artists.

Starting November 7, the 6 episodes under the theme « Ma saveur francophone en 180 secondes » will be available every day of the WEEK.


The politics of multiculturalism in Canada and its challenges

Félix Mathieu (bio)


This year marks the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the multiculturalism policy in Canada. But what exactly is this policy and what are its objectives? In addition to providing some answers to this question, the presenter will discuss some of the ongoing challenges faced by newcomers to Canada by presenting new survey data regarding Canadians’ perceptions of living together issues.


Employment and skills of immigrants to Manitoba who arrived just prior to or during the COVID-19.


Faïçal Zellama


This study conducted in three provinces will provide insight into the impact of the pandemic on French-speaking newcomers.


Racism, as Canadian as maple syrup.


David Alper


This presentation will provide a historical review of Canadian policies (e.g. immigration) that have contributed to systemic racism and exclusion of newcomers, racialized and Aboriginal communities.
While immigration policies have not been overtly racist since the early 1960s, many policies and practices maintain systemic racism and exclusion of these communities. We will examine struggles against exclusion for social justice, and what community organizations can do to promote anti-racist practice and social justice.


Carolyne M. Chatel (bio)


Is integration a will or an issue?


Integration is a shared responsibility between the host and the newcomer. However, the integration of newcomers cannot be achieved if the host society is not prepared and receptive to cultural diversity.

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