Temporary resident to permanent resident

Temporary resident to permanent resident

The temporary resident to permanent resident pathway is a limited-time pathway to permanent residence. It is for certain temporary residents who are currently working in Canada and their families.


You may be eligible for permanent residence if:


  • you have work experience in Canada in an essential occupation or the health or health services field




  • you recently graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution


There are 6 streams in this pathway:


  • 3 accept both English- and French-speaking applicants


  • 3 are specifically for French speakers


Each stream has different eligibility requirements.

Become a permanent resident

As an international graduate from a Canadian institution, or a temporary foreign worker in a hospital, in a long-term care home, or on the frontlines, you are driving the Canadian economy of tomorrow and helping with our economic recovery.


In recognition of your contribution, Canada is creating a new pathway to permanent residence for over 90,000 essential workers and international graduates from a Canadian institution.


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